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If you use diesel fuel for your business, you are likely familiar with it to some degree. It is important to understand how much fuel you use, how to store it, and how to monitor what you have. But, it can be helpful to know how long this fuel burns as well as its shelf life.

How long does diesel burn?

The answer to this question depends on how you use the fuel. Diesel engines are more efficient than ever before, so you are likely to get more out of the fuel no matter how your business uses it. But, it can still be helpful to know how long it burns when it comes to diesel purchases. Here are a few common uses of this product.

  1. Vehicles: Burn rates are calculated the same as regular gasoline, but real-world use tells a different story. It is best not to take manufacturers ratings as a concrete representation of miles per gallon. Instead, use the MPG provided as an estimate and calculate your own mileage to see how long your fuel will burn.
  2. Generators: To see how long diesel burns in generators, you must take the size of each machine and the load being run. Industrial generators can burn up to 150 gallons of diesel fuel per hour, while small ones can use as little as 0.6 gallons. These machines run most efficiently at 75 to 100 percent of their recommended rating.
  3. Marine engines: When it comes to boats, fuel use (and how long diesel burns) is calculated at brake-specific fuel consumption (BSFC). This is shown as gallons of diesel per horsepower-hour. The vehicle’s BSFC rating will tell you how long the engine can run, and therefore, how long the fuel will burn.

How long will diesel fuel last in storage

You may be more concerned about how long this product lasts in storage when it comes to your budget and fuel purchases. Diesel will expire at some point and if you use it, that could result in engine damage. The typical shelf life of diesel without additives is about a month. The low-sulfur content of this fuel means that more bacteria and contaminants can affect it.

If you store this fuel with additives, though, it will last an average of six months and up to twelve months with extra care. The best way to store your diesel fuel is in above-ground or under-ground tanks. Keeping it at cool temperatures and tightly sealed in containers will help stop bacteria from growing and fuel from evaporating.

Interested in learning more about diesel fuel for your business?

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