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At Kendrick Oil, we know the value of education and safety within the Oil & Gas Industry. If you are a gas station owner, this is especially important for the safety of you, your employees, and your operation. Becoming TFFA Class A, Class B, or Class C certified can ensure that you or your employees are up-to-date on the latest industry standards and are prepared when an emergency strikes.

TFFA Class A and Class B UST Facility Operator Training Course – $125.00

This online course focuses on TCEQ’s regulations for Texas. It consists of 7 lessons and will provide students with the following objectives:

  • Class A, B and C Operator responsibilities and roles
  • An overview of UST systems
  • The general operation of a UST system
  • Understanding corrosion protection
  • Understanding release detection
  • Understanding financial assurance
  • Understanding release reporting and confirmation

The time for this course is about 2.5 hours, plus additional time for students to complete testing for each lesson. A quiz is provided after every lesson and must be passed at a rate of 70% or higher to move to the next lesson.

After completing every portion of the course, students will obtain their Texas-certified Class A-B UST Operator certification (TFFA Certificate of Completion) that can downloaded and printed.

TFFA Class C UST Operator Training Course – $10.00

A Class C UST Operator is an employee (usually) that is responsible for responding to emergency events including alarms or other emergency alerts that a spill or release has occurred from a underground storage tank (UST) system. Class C Operators will alert a Class B or Class A operator, as well as emergency personal, when needed.

Class C Operators must be trained to control and monitor the dispensing or sale of the regulated substances they work with. They must also be the first line of response to emergency situations when:

  • The public or environment is threatened with immediate danger
  • A UST system spill or release has occurred

The online TFFA Class C UST Operator Training Course gives the necessary training to equip Class Operators with the knowledge of how to handle emergency conditions associated with underground storage tanks. Course objectives include training on:

  • Generic underground storage tank facilities, major fuel system components, and emergency equipment
  • Class A, B and C Operator roles and responsibilities
  • How to develop site-specific emergency procedures
  • Procedures for emergency contacts
  • Customer and employee safety awareness
  • Monitoring a UST facility
  • Overfill prevention
  • Fire extinguishers and general fire safety
  • Alarm panel use and recognition and associated response procedures
  • Containment and cleanup procedures for fuel spills

This course contains 4 modules and a 10 question test. Students must answer correctly 8 out of 10 questions to pass the course and get their certification. Once the course has been completed successfully, students can download and print their certification from the student log-in page (student dashboard). Average time for course completion is 1 hour.


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