The History Of Kendrick Oil

Since 1951, we at Kendrick Oil Company have proudly built a reputation for quality and service that our customers can rely on. As we look toward the future and the opportunities that are just over the horizon, we are keeping our feet grounded in the accomplishments of the past. In fact, it is the history of our company that is helping to guide the directions we are taking today.

Our roots and foundation

June 1952 – Original Kendrick Oil Company Delivery Trucks, outside the adobe building
On January 1, 1951 HK (Pudge) Kendrick and his wife Deke bought the local Phillips jobber and created Kendrick Oil. Located just southeast of the Sante Fe grain elevator in Friona, Texas, Pudge drove the delivery trucks and Deke kept the books. In 1954, Kendrick Oil relocated to some old barracks from the Amarillo Air Base. That was an arrangement that worked well until the early 1970’s. Then the couple opened the first Fast Stop Convenience Store which was situated in the old Conoco Station. As the business grew, Pudge and Deke’s son, Danny, joined the company and began working as a delivery driver. Throughout the late ’70’s and early 80’s, the list of jobbers continued to expand, including the Fina brand. By the late 1980’s, Danny had taken over as President of Kenrick Oil and moved the corporate offices to the present location at 824 Main Street in Friona.

Growth and

For many years, the company continued to grow and expand. In 1995 a tornado destroyed the old barracks. After realizing that business had changed, the decision was made to build a bulk plant for propane and diesel as well as a warehouse on the site. Today, this facility provides a quality product for our clients. In 2001, Kendrick Oil was honored for fifty years of work as a jobber by ConocoPhillips. By 2005, the company’s growth was evident, and the company decided to purchase the Town and Country stores in Friona and Clovis, NM. This launched the Fast Stop brand which would later convert to the Chisum and Chisum Travel locations today that can be found in New Mexico and Texas.


Continuing in the footsteps of their family, Matthew and Andy Kendrick both joined the company. Matthew Kendrick began working for the Fast Stops as a Retail Marketing Manager in 2006. Andy joined in 2013 and learned about the wholesale and marketing side of the business before transitioning to Director of Commercial Sales & Supply Procurement. Since then, they have continued their father and grandfather’s path of helping the company expand and grow throughout the region. As part of this, Matthew helped the company by selling transport trucks to Petroleum Transport, Inc. based in Lubbock, TX. This sell expanded the wholesale fuel brokering operations into all of San Antonio, New Mexico, Dallas, Houston, and El Paso.

Looking towards the future

Today, Kendrick Oil Company’s jobbers include Valero, Alon, Phillips 66, CITGO, Shamrock, Conoco, VP & Sinclair. We employ over 200 people in both wholesale and retail operations and have accounts at over 120 terminals across six states. Our acquisition of Fuel Source in March of 2014 further expanded our wholesale business within the Permian Basin. With our base solid and growing, our company is looking towards the future. We are constantly searching for opportunities to expand our business and the area we service. To that end, there are some exciting things in store for the months and years ahead. We are eager to see our brand continue to expand as our reputation continues to grow.

The Hard Working Staff at Kendrick Oil Company

Meet the team that makes it happen

Danny Kendrick


Matthew Kendrick

Vice President

Andy Kendrick

Director of Commercial Sales & Supply Procurement

Sales Staff

Andy Kendrick

Director of Commercial Sales & Supply Procurement
(806) 240-5340 (Cell)

Neal McCarty

Branded Liaison and Business Development
(806) 340-7575 (Office)
(806) 670-7272 (Cell)

Lyle Hale

Business Development
(806) 559-8509 (Cell)

Alan Samuel

Business Development
(806) 281-3691 (Cell)

Will Eddins

(800) 299-3991 ext. 123 (Office)
(806) 679-9750 (Cell)

Accounting Staff

(806) 250-3991 (Friona Office)

Greg Lewellen


Moe Ramirez

Credit Manager
(575) 403-9417 (Office)

Claire Dominguez

Assistant Controller

Eva Monreal

Billing Clerk

Alryna McElreath

Billing Clerk

Lizabeth Pena

Billing Clerk

Carrie Herrera

Fuel Accounts Payable

Retail Staff

(806) 722-1274 (Lubbock Office)

Joe Bob Blackburn

Retail Operations

Josie Carrasco

Retail Accounts Payable

Jennifer Kendrick

Store Auditor

Chris Gscheidle

Information Technology

Yolanda Olguin

Human Resources

Farm Store Staff

Alan Fairweather

General Manager

Fuel Source Staff

Davy Daniel

General Manager
(325) 812-1713 (Cell)

Tate Whitlow

(325) 632-2200 (Office)
(325) 812-2302 (Cell)


Phone: (806) 250-3991
Fax: (800) 777-9263

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