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Farms need tools and supplies to run, including diesel and gas. Knowing how to save on fuel purchases is a great way to save money. Conserving your diesel or gas is another way to do this. Here are some tips that can help you conserve fuel on your farm.

Fuel storage

You may not consider your storage tanks when it comes to conserving fuel, but you could lose a significant amount from leaks and evaporation. You can slow evaporation by keeping your tanks in shade, painting them white, and using vacuum release caps. You should also keep unused tanks locked up and inspect all of your equipment regularly. This is true for both above ground and underground fuel storage tanks.

Operation and maintenance of vehicles

There are many ways you can conserve both diesel and gas in this area. First, make sure you are using the right grade of fuel. You don’t want to spend too much on something you don’t actually need. Next, consider using an electric block heater on a timer during cold months. Doing this will let you warm up the engines on your equipment with electricity, not diesel or gas. Here are some other ways you can conserve fuel when using your equipment.

  1. Ensure your thermostat is working properly. When your engine runs on higher temperatures, it uses more fuel.
  2. Don’t idle too much. When your vehicle or equipment is idle, it also uses more fuel than is necessary.
  3. Don’t use quick starts. These waste diesel as well and can damage your engine.
  4. Reduce the weight of your equipment. Lighter loads will use less diesel.
  5. Make sure gas caps are present or fit properly. A functioning cap seems like a small thing, but your diesel or gas can evaporate if the cap isn’t working.
  6. Keep tired rotated and inflated. Taking care of your tires can help you save fuel too. The less resistance there is, the more you will save.
  7. Practice regular maintenance. Doing this will help you save fuel and keep your equipment in great shape. You can start by getting all equipment tuned up, replacing all filters, and changing the oils as recommended.

Field practices

No matter what you make on your farm, you may be able to save fuel by changing up some of the ways you operate. For example, if you are tilling, you could try using the no-tilling or conservation tilling methods. These require less fuel and can help reduce wear on your equipment too. If you plan on changing your practices, make sure to research the benefits and drawbacks first.

Getting fuel for your farm

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to save on fuel is to make sure you are purchasing it the right way for your operation. Here are some steps you can take when buying diesel or gas.

  1. Buy for the season. You should always be prepared for each season, whether it is taking care of your fields or purchasing fuel.
  2. Know the market: Keeping up with the ever-changing market will keep you aware of prices. You can then make more informed purchasing choices when you need to get more fuel.
  3. Manage your stores properly. This means knowing how much fuel you have and when you need to get more.
  4. Work with a reputable supplier. Whether you are buying fuel once or signing a contract for regular deliveries, you should be able to trust your fuel supplier.

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