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The United States population consumed 20.50 million barrels per day of petroleum products in 2018, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Gasoline accounted for about 45% of this use, followed by diesel and heating oil (both distillates front the oil refining process) at around 20%. All other fuel types made up the rest of the consumption including hydrocarbon gas liquids, propane, and jet fuel. So, which states used the most fuels?

image of the shape of the state of Texas covered with Texas flag


This state used 12% of the country’s total gasoline products in 2018. Natural gas use totaled 14.8% and coal totaled 11.1%. Texas also produced 41.9% of the country’s petroleum products, 23.9% of the natural gas, and 3.3% of the coal totals. These numbers are consistent with those from past years. Texas tops the list of oil and gas product consumption and production.

image of the shape of the state of California with California flag on top


Following Texas closely, California used 11% of the country’s total gasoline products in 2018. Natural gas accounted for 7.1% while coal was only at 0.2%. As far as production goes, California produced 3.3% of the country’s crude oil total, 0.6% of the natural gas, and none of the country’s coal totals.

image of the Florida state flag


This state consumed 5% of the country’s gasoline in 2018. Natural gas consumption in Florida in 2018 was 4.9% and coal was at 2.0%. Florida isn’t known for its production of fuel products.

How is fuel used the most?

There are many types of fuel used for different things throughout the United States. Here, we will go over some of the main types used and the industries that rely on them most.

  1. Gasoline: Also known as finished motor gasoline, this type of fuel is the most commonly used in the country. In 2018, 9.329 million barrels were used every day. The transportation industry is most known for using gasoline. Specifically, cars, SUVs, and small trucks use the majority of this fuel.
  2. Distillate fuel oils (diesel and heating oil): Diesel is also used in the transportation industry by heavy duty equipment, trucks, boats, and other vehicles. Industries that rely on diesel the most include construction, agriculture, and even the military sector. Heating oil is most used in boilers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for heating buildings.
  3. Hydrocarbon gas liquids (HGL): These fuel products include propane, butane, and ethane and are most used in the petrochemical industry. By itself, propane is used for a variety of purposes including heating, cooking, and even as a transportation fuel.
  4. Jet fuel: This type of fuel is the fourth most commonly used petroleum product in the United States. As the name implies, the aviation industry uses the most of this fuel.

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