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In 2019, the world wide demand for crude oil products reached over 100 million barrels per day. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 20.46 million barrels of oil products were used in the United States every day in 2019. Although the production and consumption of oil and gas products is decreasing so far this year, it is expected to increase to 21.68 million barrels per day in 2021.

Gasoline grade changes

Unleaded gasoline grade names haven’t changed much recently. But what has changed and may continue to change are the octane levels that give the grades their names. Regular (sometimes just called unleaded), mid-grade, and premium gasoline represent different levels of octane. The higher the octane, the better the antiknock properties.

According to some industry experts, like Baker & O’ Brien Incorporation, many vehicles will require 95 Research Octane Number (RON or Octane 95) gasoline by 2022. This would replace the premium grade gasoline. Based on their study, as more vehicles require RON gasoline, more will need to be produced. The biggest issue will be whether refiners and manufacturers can keep up with the demand.

Who consumes the most unleaded gasoline?

In 2017, the United States consumed 144.57 billion gallons of gasoline, according to data from the EIA. That same year, the United States used the most petroleum products in the world, totaling 19.96 million barrels per day. Texas used the most motor vehicle fuel out of all the states. In 2019, the number decreased, but the state still used the most gasoline. This comes at no surprise since Texas is also the largest producer in the country.

Distribution information

According to Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD), there were 2,341 bulk fuel delivery terminals in the United States as of 2018. These have the capacity to hold 50,000 barrels or more and can get deliveries from pipelines, barges, and tankers.

The first pipeline in the United States was placed in 1865 after the discovery of oil in Pennsylvania in 1859. Today, pipelines are vital for transporting oil and gas products and raw materials across the country. Around 71% of crude oil products are shipped using pipelines, 22% by tankers or barges, 4% by trucks, and 3% by railway. The largest pipeline in the country is the Colonial Pipeline that stretches from Houston, Texas, to New York Harbor.

Do you need high-quality bulk fuel?

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