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Is your fleet prepared for emergencies and drastic changes in the industry? This year has been notably unstable due to COVID-19, but you can still offer your fleet consistency in these uncertain times. Here are some tips that can help you.

1. Use a cloud-based or online service

This is a good step to take even when the economy is stable. Using software or online applications can help keep your fleet organized and efficient. Depending on what app you use or which company you work with, you should be able to get real-time market updates, order history, and more. If you or your fleet are having to work remotely, having access to your company information from anywhere will keep you on track.

2. Plan for risks and emergencies

You should always have a plan for emergencies and be prepared to update that plan as needed. This is true when you are currently experiencing unexpected situations. Be sure to know how much fuel you might need and don’t forget to regularly audit your practices.

3. Don’t neglect your regular practices

It may be tempting to let some of your normal work routine go during a pandemic. This is understandable, given the new and stressful situations that are happening. But, you shouldn’t neglect your regular routine. Things like tank maintenance, audits, and ordering fuel and supplies are vital to the success of your fleet.

4. Take this time to optimize your fleet

If you have time on your hands, but aren’t able to manage your fleet in the same way as usual, consider optimizing your procedures. You can start with something easy, like evaluating your drivers’ habits. Then, you can move onto looking into saving money on fuel costs, delivery, and tank maintenance. It may not be the best time to switch wholesale suppliers or update your vehicles, but you could consider whether it is right for your fleet.

5. Know how to manage fuel you already have

This is especially important if your disaster plan does not include fuel delivery or acquisition. You will need to assess how much fuel you have and watch even more carefully for loss risks like theft and tank leaks. Also, if you do not have a regular fuel supplier, research your options and create a backup plan.

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