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The Myths Of Modern Diesel And Their Realities

By July 13, 2015No Comments

Many in the public view diesel fuel and engines with a negative eye. Certain fallacies have risen in the wake of this negative view. Let’s look at some of the myths of modern diesel and their realities.

Loud and dirty

In the past, these motors produced more pollutants than a regular gas engine. Loud and noisy, especially when idling, this left many consumers unwilling to buy or use a diesel vehicle.

Today, things are different. In the past few years, stricter environmental standards have gone into effect for diesel fuel. Modern diesel engines are actually cleaner at the tailpipe than gas motors. Automotive engineering has also improved the sound of the engine. While still a bit noisier than a gasoline motor, the noise level has decreased significantly.

Do not start during the winter

Regular diesel fuel can gel in cold temperatures. Gelling makes it difficult or impossible for this type of engine to ignite during the winter.

Modern engine design has solved this problem by building heating blocks into the motor. These blocks use glow plugs to keep the fuel and engine at optimal temperatures for a quick start. For larger engines, like those in semis and large pick-ups, winterized diesel is available. This fuel retains its liquidity at lower temperatures. There are also other methods available for keeping this fuel from gelling.

Lack performance

In the past, these motors performed at a lower level than a comparable gas engine.Today, the exact opposite is true. Modern engine design and advanced technology has created diesel vehicles that get more horsepower than a comparable gas powered vehicle.

Offer poor fuel economy

Diesel actually offers more energy per gallon than gasoline.

Today’s modern engines meet or exceed the economy of their gasoline counterparts. These motors can even keep up with some hybrid vehicles.

More expensive

This fallacy has a bit of truth to it if you look at the upfront cost. Diesel engines are more expensive than gasoline engines. This expense is due to the need for the motor to handle higher combustion pressures and heat levels.

However, running costs tend to offset the upfront costs of a diesel engine. Diesel powered vehicles tend to have a higher resale value. Owners also get savings at the pump because they need to take fewer trips to the gas station for fill-up.

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