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There are hundreds of thousands of construction companies across the country and all depend on having a reliable supply of fuel. If you run a construction company, you know how vital this resource is. Your crew cannot spend their time taking vehicles to gas stations and you cannot afford to shut down a job site due to lack of fuel. Here are some options you have for keeping your vehicles and equipment fueled up.

Mobile worksite delivery

One option for your company to get fuel is to have it delivered to individual job sites. This is a convenient service that can save your crew time. The fuel supplier will refill your equipment, vehicles, and storage tanks whenever you need.

By using site delivery, you will be able to control how much fuel is used and help prevent theft. You will also be able to save time, as well as increase your efficiency. Before you choose this method, keep in mind the costs that may be associated with this type of service.

Bulk fuel delivery

This option is similar to job site delivery, but you are able to have larger amounts of fuel delivered to storage tanks. You can customize your deliveries to meet your exact needs, without having to focus orders on individual jobs. Also, you can have a locked price by signing a fixed contract. This allows you to plan your expenses more easily. If you need extra fuel, suppliers can work with you on separate orders.

Getting wholesale fuel delivered to your location does require that you have storage tanks. If you have these already, your bulk fuel supplier can help manage your supply with tank monitoring. If you need tanks, be sure to ask your supplier if they offer rentals. Having all of these services available in one place is convenient for any construction company.

How to get fuel storage tanks

If you decide that bulk fuel delivery is right for your construction company but you don’t have storage tanks, suppliers can help. This option is great for saving money and managing your fuel, but it does require that you follow laws regarding safely storing fuels. You will also have to maintain the tanks and keep your fuel clean so it doesn’t hurt your equipment.

Many construction companies choose to use above-ground storage tanks. They are easy to maintain and paint (to prevent leaks) and can be moved if a situation calls for this. They are more prone to being hit by vehicles and to theft, but there are measures you can take to prevent these issues from happening.

Tips for keeping your equipment fueled

The following tips can help you decide whether mobile job site fueling or bulk on-site fueling is best for your construction company.

  1. Decide what your fuel needs are. This includes how much you may need for jobs coming up and how much you can store.
  2. Make sure the fuel supplier you choose to work with offers fixed-price contracts as well as flexible fueling schedules.
  3. You will probably need to fuel more than just heavy equipment. Ensure that you can get diesel, unleaded gasoline, and any other fuels you use regularly.
  4. Tank monitoring will allow you to track how much fuel you have, how much is used, and if there is an issue like a leak or theft. Also, your supplier can track when you need more to help make sure your construction jobs don’t get put on hold.

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