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If your business depends on the services and products of a wholesale fuel supplier, you need to choose your supplier carefully. Selecting the right supplier can make your business operations more efficient, while choosing the wrong one can actually harm your business. You can choose the right wholesale fuel supplier by knowing what your business needs, researching the supplier, and verifying what the fuel supplier’s prices are. You can also find out of the wholesale fuel supplier offers additional services.

Choose the right wholesale fuel supplier by knowing what your business needs

Before you can select a wholesale fuel supplier, you should evaluate what your business needs. Assessing your business will help you narrow down which supplier is the right one for your operation. Ask yourself exactly what your needs are, including types of fuel and octane levels.

You should also consider if you want branded or unbranded gasoline or diesel. Branded fuels are associated with a particular brand and sold only by that brand. The only difference between branded and unbranded fuels is that an additive package is added to the product. Branded additives are proprietary blends only used in the fuels of each company. The same fuel can be used for both branded and unbranded products, however. To make a tank of branded gasoline or diesel, the additive package is combined with the fuel.

Research the wholesale fuel supplier

Wholesale fuel suppliers generally stay in business for a long time. There is quite an investment in the equipment and vehicles needed to provide wholesale products to customers over a given region. Look for a supplier with a good history of providing service to your area. Make sure the supplier has a depot somewhere close by so there are no extra expenses involved with transporting the product long distances.

Verify the price of the wholesale fuel supplier

When you contact a wholesale fuel supplier, they will tell you their pricing for the amount of business you would like to do with them. If your small convenience store gets little traffic, your price per gallon is likely to be a bit higher than a large store that gets a lot of business. Getting price quotes from different suppliers will give you a good idea of what the price range is in your region.

Find out if the wholesale fuel supplier offers additional services

Some wholesale fuel suppliers are just suppliers. These suppliers will show up, fill your tank, and leave, not doing anything else for your business. Other fuel suppliers offer additional services. These companies may offer tank rentals if you need to expand your business, deliver gasoline and diesel 24/7, and monitor your tank levels.

At Kendrick Oil, we distribute a wide variety of wholesale fuels, including diesel and regular gas. If your business is in need of wholesale fuel or if you have any questions about any of our products and services, give us a call at (806) 250-3991. You can also Contact Us by email for more information. We have locations in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas.