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Fuel theft from storage tanks is a persistent problem for many companies that rely on fuel. Theft can result in thousands of dollars in losses and lost productivity. You are forced to refuel somewhere else while waiting for more supplies. When coupled with high fuel prices, this issue can result in substantial hurdles for any company. This post will go over some ways to prevent fuel theft.

Think about the security where your fuel tank is located

Think about the location of your fuel storage tank in relation to your security needs. The tank should be located outdoors, but you should have secure access. If you do not surround your fuel tanks with some sort of deterrent (like a locked fence), it may tempt thieves. Keep the area well-lit and in open ground (i.e., don’t obscure it because then thieves can also hide).

Control how the pump is used

Your tank will have either an electric or manual pump. If it is electric, you can lock it using its electronic features. If it is manual, the nozzle should be locked and secured when not in use. Train your employees to get into the habit of locking up the nozzle when they are done. Also, pump controls should be located in similar secure locations as noted above.

Use security monitoring equipment

Monitoring equipment doesn’t always mean security equipment like a CCTV system, although these are beneficial. It could be as simple as a loud alarm and alert system that calls attention to potential break-ins. The noise alone can deter attempted thieves.

Increase general security at your business

Your business should be using these tips even if you don’t have on-site fuel storage. But, they are extremely helpful for protecting your fuel supply.

  • First, you should control who can enter and exit your site.
  • You should also change access codes and passwords on a regular basis.
  • Be sure to restrict vehicular access to your site. Sometimes thieves use their own trucks to steal and transport fuel. Only approved vehicles should be around your fuel tank and on your property.
  • Schedule deliveries for specific times to ensure your site is manned.
  • Finally, carry out regular checks of the fencing to identify any potential tampering or wear and tear.

Tank monitoring systems

Another way to prevent fuel theft is to install a tank monitoring system. These fulfill two roles. First, they deter thieves by identifying when fuel is being removed. Second, they identify if your tanks or fuel distribution system is leaking, preventing potential fines and losses. Tank monitoring systems need to be inspected and maintained, so if you do install one, don’t neglect it.

Looking for bulk fuel products and services?

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