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One of the biggest threats to your diesel fuel storage tanks is water contamination. When water penetrates your storage tanks, it can degrade your supply and lessen the performance of all vehicles that use your product. It is crucial that your fuel storage tanks are properly maintained. The following will help you better understand how to keep your diesel fuel storage tanks free from water contamination.

What happens when water contaminates diesel fuel?

All fuels contain at least some quantity of water. Since diesel is less refined than gasoline, it can hold larger amounts of water safely. Although diesel fuel ordinarily holds a small amount of water, excessive amounts of this contaminant, such as water created from condensation or tank leaks, causes trouble.

Free water in your diesel storage tanks can cause the fuel tips to explode. The liquid also creates serious problems with the water separator equipment in vehicles. Diesel that contains this contaminant will cool the engine suddenly, causing a drastic reduction in its lifespan. If you want to ensure the lifespan of your vehicle, preventing free water contamination in your supply is crucial.

Preventing water contamination in your fuel storage tanks

Routine maintenance will keep your diesel storage tanks in good shape. Forgoing routine maintenance is a common cause of this contamination. Fuels and water separate, so it is important to have your diesel fuel storage tanks drained routinely. This practice prevents water from building up in the tanks.

Your diesel fuel tanks should be regularly inspected to ensure their integrity. Repairs should be performed immediately to ensure that free water cannot contaminate your supply. Diesel fuel storage tanks located above ground need to be sealed properly in order to prevent rainwater contamination.

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