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Minimizing costs is one of the most important aspects of running any business. Two types of costs are the ones you can control and those that you cannot. You might think that fuel costs remain the same, but there are several ways you can minimize them for your business. This post will go over the myths about fuel and how they may be costing you extra money.

Myth #1: It is better to fuel up in the morning

This myth claims that if you fuel up in the morning, you get more for the same amount of money because fuel is cooler and denser then. While fuel may be denser in colder temperatures, if you fill up at a gas station you are not actually getting that benefit. Most fuel is stored in temperature controlled tanks, so it should be the same temperature at night, in the morning, and in the afternoon. If your company spends any time waiting to get gas or diesel in the morning, it could be costing you time and money.

Myth #2: Idling vehicles saves money

Many people believe it uses more fuel to turn your trucks on and off than it does to leave them idling. However, this isn’t true. If you leave your truck idling for more than 10 seconds, it costs as much as turning the truck on and off. Leaving your vehicle idling for long periods of time can exert stress on the other components, such as the spark plugs and the exhaust. Truck idling may end up costing you more money in fuel and repair costs in the long-run.

Myth #3: You get better fuel efficiency if you drive at 55 mph

While driving 55 mph is better for fuel efficiency, instructing your drivers to stay at this speed could be costing your business in other ways. The money you save on fuel could be lost because your drivers are late to job sites and spend more time driving, resulting in overtime pay. Unless your drivers are excellent at time management, driving at 55 mph will likely cause additional costs elsewhere.

Additionally, it isn’t the high speed of driving that increases fuel costs, but the acceleration process. If you want to save fuel, you should focus on your driver’s record instead. Do they accelerate and brake erratically? You can save more money by keeping drivers who are steady and reliable, who accelerate and brake less.

Myth #4: Reduce fuel costs by rolling down windows

You can save a few cents in fuel if your drivers are traveling slowly around town. However, the savings are reversed if you are driving above 55 mph with open windows because they change the aerodynamics of the truck. Requiring your drivers to roll down their windows in extreme temperatures could even be dangerous. You are much better off using the air conditioner than rolling down the windows.

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