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Red diesel is a specialized type of fuel that is cheaper than traditional kinds of fuel due to a different tax structure and color. This fuel is used in a variety of industrial, heating, and agricultural purposes. Be careful not to use it for an unauthorized purpose. It is against the law to use red diesel for anything other than its intended purposes, and you could be subjected to criminal penalties if you do.

Red diesel is no different from regular fuel, but is dyed red to distinguish it from other types of fuel, but the chemical composition is the same. It also fulfills the same role as other fuels, like powering vehicles. It is important to understand the main applications of this fuel in order to ensure you use it properly.

Vehicles that use red diesel

Red diesel is far more cost-effective than other fuels because it is taxed at different and lower rates than regular diesel. However, don’t think that this means you can use red diesel in your car. This fuel is restricted to specific uses in the agricultural, construction, and commercial industries. If you use red diesel on public roads, you could be subjected to heavy fines and other criminal penalties.

Agricultural and commercial uses

On farms and construction sites, red diesel is used to power equipment like cranes, combines, bulldozers, harvesters, and generators. It is also used by carnivals to power their generators and even in some jets to power their engines.

Heating applications

Finally, red diesel is authorized for use as a heating source. It is typically put into storage tanks that are kept on residential properties, often ones without any other source of heat. Understandably, the government wants people to be able to heat their homes for as cheaply as possible, and red diesel provides an efficient fuel for this purpose.

Who can buy red diesel

Red diesel is usually purchased by construction firms and farmers. Anyone who wants to buy this fuel must meet the requirements established in their specific state. You must also be sure that the company you purchase from is legally able to sell dyed diesel and knows the requirements for you to use it.

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