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If your Oklahoma business uses large amounts of fuel, you most likely have at least one storage tank onsite. Whether you have one or many, you must know how to maintain these thanks and the fuel inside of them. Tank monitoring is an important part of this maintenance and can be as easy as setting an alarm or using an app on your phone.


Tank monitoring in Oklahoma

There are specific recommendations and rules that fuel storage tank owners should follow in Oklahoma when it comes to installing, maintaining, and repairing their tanks. Knowing these can help you decide what to monitor.


When installing a fuel tank, location is key. Although diesel will take longer to permeate the ground than gasoline, it can still contaminate drinking water. Also, you must consider accessibility for yourself and your workers, as well as security. Here are some tips for installing new tanks.

  • Underground and aboveground storage tanks should be located at least 300 feet away from water sources.
  • Above-ground tanks should be placed at least 50 feet away from the nearest building for safety purposes.
  • You should place your tanks in clear areas so people and vehicles can access them easily.
  • Be sure to place fuel storage tanks in an area that can be monitored to help avoid theft.

Maintenance and repair

Maintenance helps protect your storage tanks from corrosion and other issues that can result in leaks. This helps you save your fuel and protect the environment. Whether you have above ground or underground storage tanks, it is important to take care of any issues as soon as possible.

If you own above ground fuel storage tanks, you should be testing them regularly. If you do not, your best option is to create a testing and maintenance schedule. Fuel sample and tank integrity tests are a great place to start. Preventing and repairing leaks will help you save money now and in the long run.

For underground fuel storage tanks, testing can be a bit more difficult. Soil tests are one the easiest ways to detect leaks, but you may also be able to create radar or ultrasound images. To make things easier, you can use automated systems to monitor fuel levels.


Fuel tank monitoring can be simple, but you should know exactly what you are looking for. You should also know what kinds of tests are permitted in your state. For example, pressure tests are not permitted in Oklahoma for tanks that have already been used.

  • The level of fuel in the tanks should be tested at least once a month.
  • You should know what type of tanks you have and how old they are.
  • Use internal monitoring tools to help measure your fuel levels.
  • Take inventory of fuel levels often, but keep in mind that doing this won’t help you catch small leaks.
  • Never use metal sticks for tank measuring.

Using fuel management systems for tank monitoring

Sometimes, managing your Oklahoma business means finding methods and tools to make tasks more efficient. Tank monitoring can be easier with management solutions. These comprehensive systems include devices to help monitor what is happening inside your tanks as well as information to help you manage your costs and efficiency.

Inventory management, fuel tracking, cost tracking, information history, customized reports, and even warning systems are all part of these solutions. Some systems come with apps to make accessing information simple. Others alert both you and your fuel supplier to problems and even your regular fuel needs.

What are some examples of fuel management systems?

One of the greatest benefits of tank monitoring is being able to keep up with inventory. Using automated systems will help you know exactly when you need more fuel. They can also help you detect if theft is occuring. By running reports, tracking inventory and costs, and watching sales, you can manage your fuel more efficiently.

Westrock: This system is made more for above-ground storage tanks and is attached directly to the tank. It can monitor your fuel inventory remotely and be managed by you or your fuel company.

Intellifuel: Used more often for underground fuel storage tanks, this system works the same and will help you keep track of your fuel.

Tank monitoring in Oklahoma from Kendrick Oil

At Kendrick Oil Company, we provide tank monitoring solutions to help make your processes more efficient. We use specialized solutions to help you with everything from tank issues to software that can tell you how much fuel you need. We can monitor your tanks for you, or help you set up your systems to alert you to theft.

To learn more about how we can help your business, call us at (800) 299-3991 or Send Us an email today. We offer our Products and Services throughout Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, and Louisiana.