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What Is Fuel Delivery?

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Fuel for cars and trucks goes through a long process before it ends up at the gas pump. It takes a lot more than a tanker truck to deliver the goods. Beginning with the delivery of crude oil to the refineries, this process ends with the fuel being available to pump into consumer vehicles.

Getting fuel from the pipelines to the terminals

Petroleum refineries transform crude oil into various petroleum-based products including different grades of gas, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, asphalt, and paraffin wax. Refineries receive the crude oil through pipelines from the source or from tanker ships. Using heat and chemical processes, these refineries turn the crude oil into useful products.

Once the transformation is completed, the fuel products need to move from the refinery to the terminal. Pipelines and tanker trucks are the most common delivery methods. At the terminal, the wholesale supplier stores the various fuels in massive storage tanks until customers place orders.

Getting fuel from the terminal to the gas pump

When retailers need gas, they contact the wholesale supplier. The customer provides the delivery details. These details include: What type of fuel is required, what additives are desired, the place of delivery, the volume needed, and the date needed. The supplier provides the current price. Once everything is in order, the wholesale supplier generates the order and schedules the delivery.

On the day of delivery, the driver loads up the tanker truck with the kind of fuel requested and travels to the customer site. At the customer site, the driver offloads the requested amount into the customer’s storage tanks. At that point, the gas is available for delivery to the pump. The driver then provides a bill of lading (BOL) to the customer.

With the delivery done, the wholesale supplier will follow-up with the customer to make sure the delivery went well. This follow-up ensures that the customer is happy and will continue to be a customer.

Have a good relationship with your wholesale fuel supplier

For reliable, affordable supplies, retailers need to have a solid business relationship with a wholesale supplier. This relationship ensures they get the deliveries they need at the best prices possible.

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