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If you own a construction company or work with farming equipment, you could be spending more on your fuel purchases than is necessary. Red diesel fuel is another option that can help you save money. This fuel has an identical chemical makeup to No. 2 diesel oil, except for the addition of red dye. Red diesel is less expensive due to its versatility for use in off-road automobiles, which makes it unaffected by state road taxes. If you are interested in using red diesel, it is important to know what type of equipment it powers and the commercial regulations surrounding the fuel.

Construction equipment

Building contractors use diesel fuel to operate their cranes, diggers, lift trucks, and turbines. Transporting materials like iron, steel, or dirt is made possible by heavy-duty machines such as those listed above. Despite the large variations between their specific MPGs, these pieces of equipment tend to burn a lot of fuel.

With the average-sized bulldozer using about 11 gallons of regular diesel per hour, fuel costs can really stack up. If red dye diesel is used instead, the cost can drop considerably and potentially save companies hundreds or thousands of dollars in operating expenses.

Farming equipment

Farming and agricultural operations are other industries that can benefit from using red diesel. Farming machinery such as plows, tractors, backhoes, bulldozers, and diesel-powered turbines can easily run on red diesel. For companies that operate diesel-fueled farming equipment on a daily basis, the amount of potential savings can quickly be seen.

Road show equipment

In today’s unstable economic climate, lowering operational costs is absolutely essential for businesses to thrive. Another industry that can consider using red diesel fuel are traveling entertainment shows like fairs and carnivals. These shows often rely upon turbines to operate rides or special effects.

Commercial regulations of red diesel fuel

Even though a number of people run diesel-powered vehicles with red diesel on state roads, this is actually an illegal act. Certain states even use disposable dipsticks to check for any type of red coloring in the fuel supply of commercial vehicles. Heavy fines may be issued if a stick emerges from a tank with a reddish color. However, operators of off-road farming machinery and construction trucks may utilize this cheaper alternative to start enjoying impressive overhead savings.

Kendrick Oil carries a full line of affordable red diesel fuel

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