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Considering the size and strength of equipment used in the oil and gas industry, it is no surprise that machine servicing is a major element in preventing accidents. The Deepwater Horizon oil explosion that killed 11 men is an example of the danger than can be caused by a lack of proper lubrication or maintenance. Certain procedures must be followed to prevent these kinds of catastrophes in the oil and gas industry. The following contains information about common accidents in the industry, safety precautions, and potential lawsuits by injured workers.

Oil and gas industry accidents

Based on the findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 120 fatalities were reported in the oil and gas industry in 2008. The most common fatalities were due to vehicle accidents, fires, and blunt force trauma from objects and machine parts. The possibility of fires or explosions occurring in the oil and gas industries is rather high. This risk is due to the potential of systems breaking down and releasing harmful oils and other pollutants. Fires are also possible if any electronic machinery is not correctly managed or if refinery employees work with combustible substances.

Taking safety precautions

Implementing an appropriate maintenance plan enables oil and gas machinery to run as smoothly as intended and minimize the likelihood of explosions or equipment failures. It is also vital that employers allocate sufficient time for lubricating and maintaining equipment, because work that is rushed can put employees at risk.

It is not unusual for budget considerations to determine when maintenance is executed on machines. In a misguided attempt to avoid spending money, some oil and gas businesses may be reluctant to deactivate equipment for repair work. Regrettably, safety precautions are often put off until it is too late and an employee is wounded or killed in the workplace.

Avoiding accident lawsuits in the oil and gas industry

People who have sustained injuries while doing work on oil rigs or digging wells may be able to receive remuneration from their employers. Employees are likely to seek the services of an experienced accident lawyer if they are serious about making a claim. In certain cases, workers compensation won’t come anywhere near covering an employee’s medical costs and suffering. It is best to avoid these complicated issues by ensuring your oil and gas machinery is in good working condition.

Workplace mishaps are likely to occur wherever safety measures are ignored. Investing in high-quality equipment fuels and lubricants can help ensure your employees are safe and help prevent shutdowns.

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