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Since its discovery in 1911, manufacturers have realized the value in using propane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a fuel. One benefit of using this fuel on your farm in Kansas is that it doesn’t have to be stabilized on a seasonal basis like other types of fuels. Your equipment will last longer if you use this gas because it keeps your engines cleaner. Propane is also environmentally friendly because it emits fewer pollutants into the air as gasoline.

How you can use propane equipment on your Kansas farm

You may use heaters for your greenhouses, poultry, or livestock barns. Radiant heat systems, boilers, and specially made furnaces are fueled by propane. These devices are excellent for providing consistent heat with clean burning.

Other pieces of farm equipment fueled by propane include grain dryers, irrigation engines, and harvesting equipment. The use of propane with grain dryers means that your grain will not be contaminated by the exhaust from another type of fuel. Also, you want to focus on long-term use from an irrigation engine. This goal can be met with propane fuel because it is easier on your equipment.

Generators and various types of work and home equipment use propane as well. Some people use these generators as the primary power source on their farms, while others use it for backup power after grid failures. Propane can be used for thermal agriculture to help you keep your crops warm, for powering vehicles and forklifts, and for appliances in your home.

How propane is made

Propane is easy to use and it is safe to transport. There are two ways in which this fuel is produced. In the United States, it is derived as a byproduct of the extraction of natural gas. It is considered a byproduct gas like butane and ethane. These are gases that are extracted to prevent condensation in natural gas pipelines.

The second way that this fuel is made involves crude oil refining. Crude oil is divided into several products and propane is a by-product of the process. Percentages of propane produced this way vary because of the variety of processes and refining methods.

Hiring a propane supplier in Kansas

Finding the best fuel supplier can be a necessary challenge when fuel prices and the economy fluctuate. Beware of companies that advertise themselves as discount fuel suppliers, because many have gone out of business without delivering fuel to their customers. There have been issues with these types of businesses lying to customers as well. Asking a few simple questions when choosing a fuel supplier can help you avoid fraudulent companies and supply issues.

  1. Find out if the fuel supplier can deliver throughout Kansas.
  2. Do they have a full range of services and a focus on timely delivery?
  3. Another point to discuss with them would be if they are only a fuel provider or if they service equipment too.
  4. Find out how long the company has been in business and ask for referrals if possible.

Wholesale fuel from Kendrick Oil

At Kendrick Oil, we distribute a wide variety of wholesale fuels including regular gas, diesel, and propane. If you have any questions about our Services or Products, call us at (800) 299-3991 or Contact Us by email. We provide services in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, and New Mexico.