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Fuel Products

  • Online customer portal for easy and convenient access to account info

  • 24 hour dispatch

  • Prompt and professional fuel delivery

    Fuel for cars and trucks goes through a long process before it ends up at the gas pump. Beginning with the delivery of crude oil to the refineries, this process ends with the fuel being available to pump into consumer vehicles. (Read more…)

  • Fixed price contract options

    One major question that all fuel retailers must ask themselves is, “Do I sign a contract or take my chances on the spot market?” Before you decide one way or the other, you should understand the benefits of a fuel contract and what it could mean for your retail business. (Read more…)

  • Onsite fuel tank rentals

  • Periodic fuel market updates

    To understand what a price inversion is and how it affects the fuel market, one must have basic knowledge of how the normal wholesale fuel market works. The causes of a price inversion and what it means to retailers are important factors in managing fuel costs. (Read more…)

  • Price notice with variety of delivery options (e-mail/DTN/fax)

  • Tank monitoring options

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Diesel Products

Clear diesel
Dyed diesel
Winterized diesel

Gasoline Products

Unleaded Gasoline
Mid-Grade Gasoline
Premium Gasoline

Other Fuel Products


Kendrick Oil is leading the distribution of branded and unbranded fuel in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Louisiana with the highest quality of fuel for your farms, vehicles and businesses.