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If you run a fleet of vehicles, your focus will likely be keeping fuel costs as low as possible while making sure to get the best quality available. But, have you ever stopped to wonder about the weight of the diesel fuel you use daily? If you purchase a large quantity of this product, you may have correlated weight with a price. Here is some more information about the weight of diesel you may not have considered.

What is the exact weight of this fuel?

A gallon of diesel fuel weighs about seven pounds. In the United States, a gallon weighs a little less and in Canada, it weighs a little more. Temperature and atmospheric pressure can affect the exact weight, but most experts agree that seven pounds is a good, rounded measurement for reference. Cetane rating and fuel grade can also cause weight to fluctuate slightly.

How much does diesel fuel weigh in a tank?

On average, diesel tanks hold between 125 to 300 gallons. There are two tanks that are positioned on each side of the tractor to help distribute the extra weight from the fuel evenly. This has to be done properly, as the total diesel weight can be between 875 and 2,100 pounds.

Why is the weight of diesel fuel important?

When you purchase diesel products, you know the weight will affect the price you pay. But, your location is often more important when it comes to fuel costs. The market also has more of an impact than weight.

Your fleet drivers will need to know the weight of the diesel fuel in their vehicles at all times. It is especially important that you or your drivers calculate the entire weight of the vehicle, diesel, and cargo before visiting the scales. If your cargo and fuel weigh too much together, you could be ticketed.

Working with a diesel fuel supplier to get the best deals

In order to manage your fuel purchases efficiently, you should know how much diesel you need. It is important to consider what you will use normally, as well as emergency supplies if they are deemed necessary. The cost you will pay will likely depend on how far away you are from the supplier, how much you are buying, the type of fuel you want, and more.

Keep in mind that fuel delivery costs money too. The drivers of tankers must pay attention to the same factors you and your drivers need to when it comes to diesel weight. By working with a bulk fuel supplier who understands everything that goes into delivering your order, you can get a better deal. You can also by fuel on contract, which can offer great deals by locking in current prices and rates.

Bulk fuel delivery from Kendrick Oil Company

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