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You might think that buying fuel for your gas station is a pretty straightforward process. However, you need to think about several factors that impact your purchase before you buy anything. These considerations include timing, price, and the amount you need.

Understand your demand and the cost

How much fuel you order at a given time will depend on how big your gas station is and how quickly it sells. It is possible to tell your carrier to only deliver a certain number of gallons below a minimum order. However, you will still have to pay freight for the minimum. Even keeping that in mind, if prices fall low enough, you might find it worth the price despite the full freight cost. Decide what is right for you by doing the math. An example would be saving two cents on the price of gas or a half-cent on your freight.

Be aware that for most carriers, fuel prices change in the evening. The price of a load is based on delivery pick-up or a rate that you have previously agreed upon with a fuel supplier. You might have to pay your gas purchase bill before you are able to sell all the fuel you have purchased, so the amount you buy matters. For example, a smaller store might have an easier time paying for a smaller load because it will sell faster than if they buy a full load.

Know when you need fuel delivery

Another concern that gas stations have is the danger that they will run out of fuel. If you are a store owner, you must order fuel in advance of the time you know you will need it delivered. That is not always a comfortable enough margin of safety. Sometimes your demand goes up due to big events in your area. Supply might also be affected by something happening to wholesalers like a terminal shutdown or illness. It might take a fuel supplier a few days to a week to catch up if they have a chain reaction of delayed or slow deliveries.

It is hard to predict exact delivery times and if you will run out of gasoline if your order is cut too close, unless you have a contract. If the supplier has a four hour block of time for delivery, it could be moved to a later window if they are under a time crunch. Ordering two days in advance will increase the likelihood that your supply of fuel is steady.

Timing fuel deliveries correctly

It is usually okay to schedule gas delivery within a shorter period if supplies are plentiful and normal delivery times are possible. However, you should have a safety margin even if you can predict when you will have a load of fuel delivered.

Many stores wait until the last minute to put in their fuel order so that they know the money to pay the bill will be there. However, they may not get their order in time. There is a risk in cutting close the supply you have left and the time it takes to order more fuel. There is an art to ordering fuel, but this is something that your fuel supplier can help you with.

Get your gas and diesel from a reliable fuel supplier

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