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Red diesel is a type of fuel that is reserved for heavy machines or vehicles, agricultural machines, and heating oil. Due to looking the same as standard diesel, a red dye is added in to differentiate the two. Red diesel is also taxed and treated differently than standard diesels. It is illegal to use this fuel in passenger cars and in other non-approved applications. If you use red diesel for a non-approved use, you could be subject to criminal fines. For those that are able to use this fuel, it is important to understand its benefits and safety concerns.

The benefits of using red diesel

Red diesel fuel is much cheaper than other fuels, primarily because it is taxed and regulated differently, which reduces the costs. It is therefore ideal for large and heavy machines that consume large amounts of fuel.

This fuel generates more heat than standard gasoline, making it ideal for heavy machines that need a lot of heat to start-up. This fuel also allows this equipment to continue running even in cold weather. Red diesel is frequently used in the agricultural sector with tractors, generators, bulldozers, and other machines that require large amounts of heat to start. It is also used in skid steers, cranes, backhoes, and other pieces of construction equipment that require large amounts of power, which other fuels types cannot provide.

This type of fuel is abundantly available and transportable. You simply need to contact an approved red diesel dealer and they can deliver it to you, or you can pick it up with your equipment.

Take caution when using red diesel

Because it gains heat so quickly, red diesel fuel is designed for heating and heavy machinery only. However, that also means you need to be cautious when using it. You must use this fuel safely and comply with all warnings and instructions to avoid risks of fire (explosions are incredibly rare for diesel-based fuels). If you are transporting red diesel, you should be careful to comply with all transportation codes to avoid accidents. Finally, only purchase red diesel fuel from an authorized supplier. Some companies will dye gasoline red and sell it to unsuspecting users.

Looking for an authorized red diesel fuel distributor?

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