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Finding The Right Fuel Brand For Your Convenience Store

By October 13, 2014No Comments

Are you looking for a branded fuel to sell at your convenience store? Branded fuel is an enhanced mixture that comes from a specific supplier, like Alon, Conoco, Valero, or VP Racing Fuels. Specific additives are included in the gas to create a cleaner engine, better fuel economy, lower emissions, and healthier performance. Branded gas makes up over 50 percent of the gas sold in the U.S, and consumers often choose a brand they trust. Retailers benefit from selling name-brand fuel due to the marketing provided and steady supply of product.


ALON fuels are the successor to the Fina company that began doing business back in the 1950s. This company has become a competitive fuel supplier, providing branding and fuel services throughout the SouthWest.

The company is looking to double its sales and outlets by 2018. To do this, the company provides several programs designed to help their fuel retailers with marketing and growing sales. This brand also offers competitive credit card rates and consolidated statements.

Valero and Shamrock

Valero and Shamrock fuel brands are both products of the Valero Energy Corporation, owner of the world’s largest independent refiner. The company is investing in technologies designed to create cleaner burning fuels. Valero and Shamrock offer quality gasoline with pay-at-the-pump convenience.

Valero makes its mark on the industry by providing strong branding with commercials at the national and regional levels. The company also has high-value sponsorships of the Texas Open and the Alamo Bowl that promotes brand recognition. The corporate level helps local distributors with point of sale signage, site-level advertising support, and support for radio and TV advertising at the local level.

What fuel brands do consumers prefer?

The choice of fuel brand depends on the consumer you are trying to attract. Phillips 66 and Conoco have a high performance fuel that certain drivers would not go on the road without. Other consumers are looking for cleaner burning gasoline that Valero and Shamrock offers. Yet others are looking for name-brand gas that is not tied to an international oil conglomerate, which is what ALON offers.

What benefit does selling branded gas offer retailers?

Fuel retailers offering this product have instant brand recognition. Many  brands have a built-in following of loyal customers who are happy to see their logo.

Supply is another benefit of going with a name-brand gas. When supplies are running low, branded gas suppliers put their retailers first. For retailers that want to keep a steady supply of fuel, selling branded is the way to go.
Having a constant supply of gasoline means that prices are steadier, even when supplies are low. This steady revenue makes it easier to weather the occasional price inversion.

There are certain advantages to becoming a branded gas retailer. With several options available, it is a good idea to speak with an expert. Give us a call here at Kendrick Oil, we offer a number of branded fuels including ALON, Phillips 66, Conoco, Valero, Shamrock and VP Racing Fuels. We are happy to help you look at each of our suppliers in more detail and decide which fuel is best for your convenience store. Contact us at (806) 250-3991. You can send us an email on our Contact Us page. To read more about our company, take a look at our About Us page.