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All types of fuel are sourced from crude oil. The different types fall into one of two groups called residual or distillate. These terms are based on how the the products are made. No. 2 fuel oil is traditionally used in heating buildings and is chemically similar to diesel fuel. Although there are similarities, it is important to understand the differences between diesel fuel and No.2 oil. Read on to learn more about the similarities, differences, and uses of these two varieties of fuel oil.

The similarities and differences between diesel fuel and No. 2 fuel oil

There are two significant distinctions between these types of oils. No. 2 oil is stained with a reddish dye and No. 2 diesel has road taxes tacked onto its price. Diesel fuel is structurally comparable to oils commonly used in heating buildings, which includes No. 2 oil. These fuels all share similar molecular structures and they are made up of elaborate combinations of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon molecules. As much as 90 percent of these molecules consist of hydrogen-soaked paraffins and naphthenes, while 10 to 20 percent are aromatics and 1 percent are alkenes.

The makeup of diesel fuel and No. 2 oil

Diesel fuel is a combination of primarily C10 to C19 hydrocarbon molecules. These molecules consist of around 64 percent aliphatic molecules, 35 percent aromatics, and about 2 percent alkene molecules. No. 2 oil weighs more than the No.1 variety. This variety is very commonly used as a combined distillate with hydrocarbon molecules that fall in the C11 to C20 spectrum.

Special uses of diesel fuel and No. 2 oil

Although they are typically utilized for two very distinct functions, No. 2 oil and diesel fuel share a lot of similarities. The two varieties are occasionally used for the same purpose. However, while diesel oils are usually quite consistent in purpose, No. 2 oil can be used for different reasons in various locations and environments.

Many houses are heated by furnaces that burn oil to provide warmth. If you are ever short on No. 2 oil to heat your home, diesel oil can actually be used temporarily for your furnace. If you do use diesel to power your heater, be sure to follow proper procedures.

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