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It may surprise you, but there are a wide range of products that use crude oil somewhere in their production. The most common use of crude oil is to create fuels for vehicles of all sizes, as well as for generators, heaters, and other equipment. Through the process of fractional distillation and cracking, this resource supports production in many industries. Even things like food need crude oil for their plastic packaging and processing. Here are some common uses for crude oil that go beyond fuel you may not have realized.


As noted above, plastic requires crude oil for its production. Since there are so many products that use plastic, this resource is in high demand. You’re probably reading this article on a device that uses plastic in its construction. You may be surrounded by plastic products in your home or at work. It’s hard to get away from this versatile product.

Clothing materials

Petroleum is essential for the creation of clothing. It helps to make clothing that is colorful and non-flammable. Polyester, rayon, nylon, and some fake furs all use crude oil.

Products in your home

Believe it or not, if you’re sitting on your couch or other furniture with a cushion, you’re probably sitting on a product created using crude oil. Polyurethane foam is a petroleum-based material that is often used for couch cushions. It’s durable, so it can take a beating from years of people sitting and laying on it while being lightweight. Also, your flooring could be another hidden crude oil product in your home. Both linoleum and carpet are made using petroleum.

Many of the appliances that are in your kitchen require crude oil as well. Your refrigerator is a prime example. It contains foam insulation, door liners, and molded interior panels for shelving that are all made with crude oil.

One product, insulation, that you rely on to keep your home warm in the winter and stay cool in the summer is made using crude oil. Insulation helps to keep your home’s temperature regulated.

Food production

You may want to cringe thinking of crude oil being used in the production of food items, but it is a necessary piece of the process. Some fertilizers used to grow your food need this product. Transportation is a more “tame” use for crude oil in the industry, with commercial vehicles delivering food all over the country. The packaging that your food comes in is also made using plastic.


Your car is another item that uses crude oil in the manufacturing process. Your car’s bumper, interior, and even engine block components are made with high-performance plastics. These are used because they are lightweight and can help improve the fuel economy of the car. They can also help to enhance the safety of the vehicle.

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