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This fuel, also known as offroad diesel, is a major commodity in a variety of industries around the world. Even if you use this fuel every day, there is a lot you might not know about it. Here are some FAQs about diesel that can help you learn more.

1. Is dyed diesel bad for trucks or cars?

Because dyed diesel is red, it may seem concerning to put it in a vehicle. But, there is no difference in the actual makeup of the fuel: it’s just a different color. Using red diesel in your truck or car will not hurt it, but you can only use it for offroad purposes. You could be fined if you get caught using it on the road unless there is a natural disaster and it is the only type available.

2. Can you put regular and dyed diesel together?

You can do this because there is no difference between the two chemically. For example, if someone ends up with a fleet vehicle and puts regular diesel in it, the two would mix just fine. If you are trying to get rid of the dyed fuel to use a vehicle on the road, the best way to do so is to get the tank to nearly empty.

3. Is dyed diesel really tax-free?

Many people believe that this fuel isn’t taxable and in some states that is true. But, some states do charge a tax. Once you are approved to use offroad diesel, you could be charged less at the time of purchase or get a tax rebate.

4. What is green diesel?

Although dyed diesel is another term used for offroad fuel, green diesel is actually used on-road. Refineries place a little green dye into the product to show that is fresh. As time passes, the color can change to yellow or light brown. Looking for the green color in diesel fuel is actually part of testing its quality.

5. Is dyed diesel ultra-low sulfur?

Some dyed diesel can be, but it isn’t guaranteed. The EPA and other groups have pushed for lower sulfur levels in all fuel. Standards now require that offroad agricultural and construction equipment use components that function well using ultra-low sulfur diesel. This means that if you have some older fuel stored, it could have a higher sulfur content.

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