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Propane is used in many industries including agriculture and commercial/industrial plants. For many properties, winter means that maintenance needs increase. If you use propane on your property and experience frigid winters, you must prepare your storage tanks for cold temperatures and snowstorms. Here are some tips that can help.

Mark your propane tanks

You can clearly see where your propane tanks are during other seasons and may also remember exactly where they are located. But, during winter storms that blanket the ground or produce large amounts of snow, it can be difficult to see them. Markers that you can use to help include stakes, flags, and poles. These should be bright and taller than the average amount of snowfall in your area.

Remove snow and ice from the tanks

Depending upon how many propane tanks you have, this step may or may not be simple. You should keep all of the tanks clear of snow so that they are not a collision hazard. It can be helpful to keep a path cleared to each tank as well. Tip: If snow plow contractors operate on your property, be sure to notify them of where your propane tanks are.

Keep your propane tanks in good condition

Because propane is a fuel product, it is important to prevent safety hazards. Keeping your tanks in good shape can help you do this. Make sure that there are no leaks in the tanks and that the valves are functioning properly.

A maintenance company can help you maintain your tanks throughout the year to help prevent emergencies. You should be able to call them if a leak or other issue happens. You can also learn basic troubleshooting techniques in case the company is not available during winter storms.

Make sure you have a good supply of propane

If you use propane for backup generators or throughout the winter for heating purposes, you need to have a steady supply. Depending upon the severity of a winter storm, roads can be inaccessible for days and the chances of power going out will increase. Before the winter season arrives, be sure to have your regular supply of propane available, as well as an emergency supply.

High-quality fuel products and services

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