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Since gasoline is flammable, pumping it into your vehicle at a service station can be dangerous if you do not practice safety precautions. There are a few safety precautions you can take to ensure your vehicle and passengers remain safe. The following are three key things to remember while pumping gas at a service station.

Before you pump gasoline

Turn your car’s engine off before getting gas. Gasoline is extremely toxic and flammable, so make sure that it and any other fuels are beyond a child’s reach. Don’t allow a child to pump fuel by themselves. They should be taught, and observed, before being allowed to complete the task alone.

While you pump the gasoline

Never smoke, strike matches, or use lighters while getting gas. This is one of the most common and deadly causes of gas pump fires. Also, look closely at what you are doing. Refueling a vehicle involves the transport of a dangerous liquid, so take it seriously by not engaging in other activities at the same time. If you cannot avoid using an electronic device such as a mobile phone or tablet during the refueling process, stick to the manufacturing company’s directions.

Never prop the spring lever on the gas dispenser’s nozzle open with any sort of object. To prevent gasoline from spilling, try not to cap off or overfill your vehicle’s gas tank. If a fire is ignited during the refueling process, don’t try to take the nozzle out of the fuel tank opening or attempt to stop the gasoline from flowing. Immediately exit the area and seek help.

Finally, refrain from repeatedly entering and exiting your car while pumping gas. A jolt of static electricity can form on your arms while sliding over the seat. The static could ignite any gasoline present in the air when you pick up the pump nozzle. If you must get back into the car while pumping, release potential static electrical charges by touching something metallic on the exterior of your car. Do this step as far away as possible from the fueling area and before you remove the nozzle from the gas tank opening.

Filling containers with gasoline

Only fill lightweight containers that are officially approved for carrying or storing gasoline, and ensure that they stay in a level position. Don’t fill up a portable gas container while it is inside or touching the automobile. Always put the receptacle on the ground before filling it. Fires resulting from static electrical charges may be set by portable containers toppling over in the beds of pickup trucks, especially those with plastic liners. Be sure to secure fuel containers wherever you put them to prevent any dangerous gasoline spills. While filling up a container with fuel, ensure the nozzle maintains direct contact. Only fill the container up about 95% so that the gas molecules have room to expand.

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